Are you still buy LED light at high price for brand products,or low price for cheap quality?

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LED lights have been widely used in every household, all walks of life, and widely used in many fields.It already become a member of consumer electronics.
These brands are familiar to us, Philips, Osram, Panasonic, and so on.
The quality of these brands is guaranteed, but the price is also very expensive.

If you are not careful, you may also buy fakes at original price.

But if there is a niche brand, the price is not high, the certification is complete, the quality is guaranteed, will you purchase from it?

Simply put, are you willing to spend $50 to buy a niche brand of light, or would you rather spend $150 to buy a well-known brand of light? Or spend $10 to buy a product without any warranty.


What is a niche brand?

A niche brand is a smaller or a new brand that appeals to a smaller target audience, usually for very specific product. For instance a niche brand could be a soft drink company that is only locally known and bottled in a local area like opposed to a major soft drink brand that is marketed, known, and recognized worldwide.

Therefore, the quality of niche brands is not necessarily worse than that of well-known brands. Perhaps better, more professional, and more cost-effective.

What is

711 lighting Collects lighting manufacturers from niche brands around the world. And reached a cooperation agreement with them. We guarantee the safety of the products, ensure timely delivery and guarantee price concessions. There is no third-party platform commission (For example, Amazon will get 15% commission from seller).

What lights can you buy from

LED strip lights,LED bulbs,Smart bulbs,Trilighs,Party lights,Solar lights....
Almost all indoor and outdoor lights you can find here.


No need to waste money on "Brand".

Buying quality-assured products at the right price is the right choice.

If your fixture needs to be updated,please rest assured to buy on

If you want to prepare a gift for your family or friends,please rest assured to buy on


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