The Pros and Cons of Smart Bulbs

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When switching to smart lighting, people initially look to the bulbs themselves, opting to swap out current bulbs with smart versions. Smart bulbs tend to use mesh networking, where each smart bulb wirelessly connects to its nearest neighbor. Whereas the bulbs can connect to each other, they cannot connect to your phone without some sort of hub or bridge device that acts as a translator. This hub plugs into your router so that your networked devices – like your phone and voice assistant – can communicate with the bulbs. This is how the Philips Hue works with the Zigbee system.


– Setup is simple
– Easy to move a bulb to a new 
fixture or place if needed
– After initial cost, add-ons aren’t as pricey
– Lots of added features and 
premium brands



– Most smart bulbs are common 
size, screw-in bases.
– May cause issues with existing 
– Not a big variety in color or 
– Can be expensive $$$

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