How to spend the boring time at home?

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What would you do when you are boring?

What would you do when you are boring at home?

What would you do when you are staying at home by something force?

Nowadays, many people are staying at home because the coronavirus. Coronavirus is spread out all over the world now. We should staying at home to keep self-safe.

So we need to find some entertainments to get fun.


LED strip light 

What is UV light?

    UV, or ultraviolet, light is an invisible form of electromagnetic radiation that has a shorter wavelength than the light humans can see. It carries more energy than visible light and can sometimes break bonds between atoms and molecules, altering the chemistry of materials exposed to it.

    Ultraviolet light, specifically UV-B, is required to allow the skin to manufacture vitamin D. It converts a chemical found in the skin to a precursor of the vitamin, which then forms the vitamin itself. This vitamin is essential to human health, and a lack of it has been implicated in immune system disorders, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and various cancers.

    The most important thing is it can use for Disinfection and Sterilization.The effects of UV light on viruses, bacteria, and parasites have led to its use in disinfecting. It has the advantages of requiring little maintenance and leaving no potentially harmful chemicals behind. UV is also used for sterilization of food and in microbiology laboratories. 

    Also it can use for Fluorescence which mean you can hold a party in your home to enjoy yourself. When the coronavirus is over, you can enjoy the party with your dear friends.

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