Does studying under the table lamp make any difference for the student?

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  • As someone who has one quite a lot of studying, both under a desk lamp and elsewhere, I would say that the place doesn't make a lot of difference as long as it is quiet enough that you can concentrate on your task at hand, but lighting does make a difference.  A good, strong light is very helpful, particularly when you have to keep going for hours into the night.  This reduces the effort the eyes have to make to convert those squiggles on the page into meaningful words and to see the diacritical and punctuation marks which keep you from misreading the text.  Avoiding glare is another important factor.  The light should shine on the material and not in your eyes.
  • Natural light, of course, is the best for your eyes, as all the colors are illuminated enough to read accurately.  Artificial light often has a concentration on a part of the spectrum, yellow or blue, that causes fatigue if you don't take precautions.
  • It's also important to take breaks often enough to keep up your energy.  Every half-hour or so, stop reading and rest your eyes a couple of minutes.  It's also good to change the focus of your eyes by looking away from the close focus of the book to something far away, such as the distant wall or into infinity, such as the sky if possible.  This exercise for your eye muscles will pay off in years to come, as quick focus changes by your eye muscles help keep your eyeball in top shape for future study.

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